Chinese Dating Sites: 6 Red Flags to Watch Out For

There are several Chinese dating sites out there but some are total scams. You sign up and start messaging women but it never goes anywhere and after you’ve been on the site for a few months, you suspect that you may not even be talking to an actual person. You notice inconsistencies and do some deeper research only to discover that you’ve been duped. The best thing is to avoid this altogether by knowing what Chinese dating site red flags to watch out for. 

Language Anomalies

A language barrier is expected on Chinese dating sites but a language barrier is different from language anomalies that indicate a bot. This includes odd word and punctuation usage when messaging a supposed user as well as strange responses to basic ‘getting to know you’ questions. 

Too Many Attractive Singles

Let’s be honest, legitimate dating sites whether Chinese or not have a combination of attractive and not so attractive singles. Yeah, Chinese women are more attractive than others but if you find a site packed with sexy women who all look like models, go somewhere else. These profiles are not real and are only there to get a guy’s hopes up. 

Consider the Photos 

This directly correlates to the above. If every female on a Chinese dating app is attractive AND all their photos appear to be ones shot in a professional studio, get off the site and DEFINITELY do not give them your credit card information. These sites steal photos from modeling agencies to create hundreds if not thousands of fake profiles of beautiful Chinese girl. For those currently suspicious of a dating site, try doing a reverse image search. Just enter the image into a search engine and see what results pop up. If they are stolen modeling photos, you will find the agency. 

Rapid Escalation 

No matter how much someone wants to find a partner, they will not escalate the relationship rapidly. Marriage is a big decision whether a person is in China, Europe, Africa or the United States. If you’re on a website with women that express love and want to settle down with you before you know her favorite color, you are probably on a scam site. This is how they work. These sites try to give men what they want to encourage them to continue paying the monthly membership fee.

The ‘Pay Per’ Pricing Structure

Many of those looking for love on Chinese sites are willing to invest in finding the right woman. Subscription fees are fine while sites with a pay per pricing structure have one goal and that goal is to ensure members rack up a large bill every month. Although ridiculous, scam Chinese dating sites charge members for each message in their chat feature, charges per minute for any call service, and some even charge for video chats. Instead, look for membership subscriptions that give you access to these features and services. Legitimate sites will grant access to these features and services through paid subscriptions. The only time ‘pay per’ pricing is acceptable is if a site offers translation services

Unable to Meet in Person

Those who enter an international romance online should plan on eventually taking a trip to meet face to face. Quite often the men take the trip since they have the means to do so. If you are corresponding on a Chinese dating site and the woman you’re talking to comes up with several excuses not to meet in person, that’s a huge red flag because 1. Real Chinese women are thrilled to have a man come visit them and 2. They greatly appreciate the initiative since the trip will advance the relationship. As another precautionary measure, never send money to anyone you meet online. If you want to see them in person, you take the trip. This has nothing to do with the site itself but is something to keep in mind. 
Overall, it is best to take time to carefully examine and research Chinese dating app before joining and subscribing. Despite the vast number of scam websites, there are numerous reputable sites who have successfully kick started several relationships and marriages. Just remember to always take precautions and date smart. 

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