Asian and European Women: An In Depth Comparison

Is it fair to compare Asian women and European women? Well, they do share many similarities. They are nurturing, intelligent, kind, beautiful and men love them. Then again, they are also very different. Asian women are demure and naïve while Europeans are sharp and oftentimes intimidating. Fortunately, there’s much more to both than meets the eye. Let’s take a deeper look and compare the two.

First Impressions 

Meet an Asian woman and the first thing you’ll notice is her naivety. They are a very naïve and gullible bunch likely to believe every man is genuine. Because of this, it is important not to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, a significant portion of Asian women end up with men that didn’t deserve a second look. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Europeans are skeptical, distant and need good reason to trust you. They process and remember everything you say and will use that information to cross check facts. In other words, if you’re caught in a web of lies, you can forget about a relationship.

Clear Commitments 

Unlike Western dating culture where a man and woman can casually date for several months without becoming exclusive, Asian and European women need a label. Women in both cultures are expected to settle down sooner than later so there’s little time to waste. The women also crave security whether their new love is foreign or not. Additionally, finding a good man to enter a commitment with is a major source of pride for both women.


European women have high expectations and expect those expectations to be met. Most want a stable, successful man who is kind, supportive, loving and willing to commit. Asian women are much more relaxed and less selective. European beauties have no problem requesting that a partner change certain aspects of themselves like the way they dress or groom whereas Asian women almost never request such things. They tend to fall for a man as he is and leave it at that. That is one reason why they’re so attractive. Asian women are very accepting and loving once they get to know a man. Appearance doesn’t play a large role. Also, when Asian women find themselves unhappy, they have a better way of approaching issues while European women are quite biting. European women are known for their demanding nature. Just remember that this does not come from a bad place. They just know what they want and want their partners to be the best they can be.


Now let’s compare Asian women and European women on intellect. It is likely that many of the women you meet, especially if they are from larger cities, will be your intellectual superior. That being said, they never throw that up in a man’s face which is awesome. Although they are very smart, they don’t lead with their intelligence – unless a man tries to use his intelligence against her. 


Asian women are much more dependent on their partners than European women. Females from Europe are not only independent but they can be quite stubborn so they need a man to reel them in a bit. You know, one who knows how to take charge in a strong yet, loving way. They are strong women so they need strong partners. Asian women share some of these qualities even though they display themselves as submissive rather than dominant partners. They are generally less headstrong and look to the man to lead when in a relationship. Just know that they are not incapable of independence. This is just the role they were taught to take.


The last thing we’ll compare Asian and European women on is loyalty. They are both winners in this department because when they fall in love, they love hard and want to commit long term. Once in love, they will always be there for their partner, support him, and offer the kind of relationship that lets a man know that he has both a devoted partner and friend. That loyalty also carries over to the rest of your family. Women from both places can insert a lot of positivity into a family meaning your parents and/or siblings will adore her and she’ll have their backs.