Badoo dating in Vietnam: How to do Vietnam hookup online

Badoo is the most downloaded dating app in the world, surpassing even the highlighted Tinder. Together, they have a userbase of more than 30 million people. Given how one person rarely has two apps at once, they have to compete for the markets in different parts of the world.
Whereas Tinder placed bets on the English-speaking countries and Western Europe, Badoo is promoted in virtually all the other nations of the world, especially in Asia. To narrow down even further, Southeastern Asia is Badoo's most loyal market on this continent.
Therefore, if you have Badoo installed, you can be sure that it will be pretty useful in most countries of the Far East, including Vietnam. However, there are several issues that make using Badoo not as successful at Vietnam hookup as you might think.

What do Vietnamese use for a Vietnam hookup

Vietnam is one of those countries that use local apps designed for the use by locals. There aren't many Vietnamese dating apps, but they seem to like China's Momo app.
Momo is likely not an option in your case unless you yourself are Chinese or from any nation for which there is an official localization. For English-speaking people, using Momo is painful. It's only available for iOs, and there isn't an official English translation.
It's true that using Momo might be handy in Vietnam, much handier than using Badoo, at any rate. But Badoo is still pretty useful, and it can offer something Momo can't.

What's using Badoo for Vietnam hookup like?

Badoo is still the second-most-downloaded app in this country. Even with most Vietnamese people using other apps, you can still find a use for this app in Vietnam.
If you consider downloading an app specifically for Vietnam hookup, Badoo is your best option. Momo isn't really viable since it's unlikely that you'll figure out how to use it. See, it wasn't ever designed for non-Asians, nor was it ever exported outside of Asia.
Even if you were to download it and find a way to translate the interface and such, the people there wouldn't be able to sustain a lengthy conversation with you, for several reasons:
1. The Vietnamese don't generally speak English (not in Momo, at any rate, since they expect an average user to speak either Vietnamese or Chinese);
2. Even if your interlocutor knows English, she'll probably not share too many of your interests (more on that further below)
And that's where Badoo comes into play.

Why is Badoo so useful

The app isn't only useful because it's available in the entire English-speaking world and way beyond. It's designed for modern Internet-consuming people who want to find partners with similar interests. That's why it's so useful to use in countries like Vietnam.
Vietnam itself is very lenient towards Badoo. As mentioned, it's the largest dating app used there, except Momo.

The benefits

Badoo is a European creation. It means that in the choice between it and Momo, the former represents the modern western tendencies, and the latter represents the usual Vietnamese life.
So, you can expect that people who download Badoo know English on a higher level than their Momo-loving counterparts. Keep in mind that there's very little to gain from Badoo for the Vietnamese people, there's nothing they can't get from their local apps.
It means that Badoo is primarily the choice of those who know the English language and like Europe works (and that includes using the Internet on a regular basis). True, an average Vietnamese won't even know that Badoo exists unless they live on the Internet for a while.

The interests

Badoo has an excellent feature that allows you to look for matches based on various criteria, as well as the interests and hobbies represented by the respective hash-tags. It seems basic, but the rivals like Tinder, LOVOO, Bumble, and others haven't bothered to implement anything of the sort.
Badoo has had for a long time, and in countries like Vietnam, this feature truly shines.

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The advantages of the feature

The people from countries like Vietnam, China, Thailand, and so forth, don't usually have quite the same mentality as the modern people from the US or Western Europe. Here, people are terribly open and progressive in their views.
Most of Asia women, however, isn't. Even the in-name communist countries like Vietnam are terribly traditional, conservative, and stoic. Apart from the fact that most young Vietnamese will probably not find the majority of your interests interesting, they'll also likely have a different view on what an average date should be.
A Vietnam hookup is an accepted thing, one-night-dates are fairly accepted as well, but the people aren't that trusting (not to the westerners, anyhow), especially when it's obvious you and your new acquaintance don't have much in common.
Badoo allows you to find people who share your interests (in this case there'll be more connection between you, it's always nice to have that). But the Badoo users are by default more trusting since they, by extension, also use the wider Internet more often. And you can't really use the Internet to a full extent unless you're open and accepting.

How does one use Badoo for a Vietnam hookup?

The Badoo userbase in Vietnam isn't as large or developed as Momo's, obviously. It's much harder to find a good partner with the former than with the latter. However, it's still not that hard.

The precaution

Not if you use it correctly anyway. Badoo won't work equally perfectly in every corner of Vietnam, no. Most users are grouped in big cities, like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Danang, and others. They are developed cities with great infrastructure and fine living conditions.
Hence, they are both great for a Vietnam hookup and a regular tourist trip. In smaller cities and the countryside, the user count is dismally small, if existing.

In conclusion

Badoo is a fairly useful dating app for a Vietnam hookup. it even has its own advantage over the local apps. One might even argue that it's much better to use Badoo here than to use any other app, due to its fine interests mechanic.
But if you want to know more about dating Vietnamese people itself, you can check out the video below for further information on the subject: