Chinese Girls vs. Russian Women: Who’s Worth the Effort?

Chinese girls vs. Russian women is a topic that all men want details on. Those who prefer to date overseas tend to gravitate towards these two groups. In a perfect world, most would want the opportunity to date women from both countries. Unfortunately, flights are long and you have a career to tend to. Below we’ll compare Chinese and Russian women in several relationship areas to assist in your decision making. 

They Need Attention

When it comes to how much attention is needed to maintain a relationship with women from either country, Chinese girls vs. Russian women are about the same. They both like a lot of attention. This means regular dates, calls, and text messages. The only way they differ is how they respond to that attention. At first, a Chinese girl will show discomfort but will continually make herself available if she is interested. When you start to date a Chinese woman, your kind gestures and display of interest may warrant some perplexed looks and then everything will change. She’ll suddenly make it clear that she likes you. Russian women are the ones that make you work more. They are cold, distant and sometimes unavailable before becoming warm, affectionate and oftentimes very sensual.

Strict Upbringings

Any Chinese or Russian woman you date will have likely been brought up in a strict household that put a lot of emphasis on excellence. Education is important as is social conduct, and plain hard work. Therefore, most of the Chinese or Russian women you meet will be educated and driven. This is a bonus for men attracted to beauty and intelligence but a strict upbringing has its drawbacks. Although intelligent and driven, Chinese and Russian women tend to be rigid and some exhibit signs of an inferiority complex. Because of that, it is important to compliment and take the measures necessary to make them feel comfortable. They are not accustomed to a laid back and relaxed attitude so when you exude that, you’ll put her at ease. 

Family Ties

Chinese and Russian women also share similarities when it comes to family. If you plan on dating one seriously, prepare yourself for a meeting with her loved ones. For Chinese women, the meeting is sure to be nerve-racking and there are cultural differences to work through. The first family introduction will be with her parents and usually entails general questions about you, food, casual conversation and a few awkward moments. As for Russians, her family will bombard you with food, alcohol (which you should never reject), and her whole family may be there so prepare yourself for a group. Despite that, they’re very hospitable yet sometimes overly friendly. 

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Many men who like it when a woman consistently leaves them wanting more will prefer Chinese women over Russian women. As they get more comfortable with a man, their affections grow and with that affection comes glimpses into their sexuality. Men often think Asian women are sweet, innocent and submissive when that isn’t the truth at all. It just takes longer for them to reveal their other side. It is easier to reach this stage with a Russian woman. They have a naturally sexual quality about them. Although true, sex is something very secretive in both cultures. It is not a topic that is openly discussed therefore discretion is everything. Maintaining a certain level of discretion early on in a relationship with either a Chinese or Russian girl will help you advance to the physical fun of a romance. 

A New Perspective on Life

Lastly, when it comes to what they want in a mate, Chinese girls vs. Russian women are the same. In addition to meeting a nice man to spend time with, women from both countries crave a partner that gives them a new perspective on life. Women who seek foreign partners want to fall in love, get away, learn new things, travel to new places and discover what else there is to life. When you think about it, it makes for an incredible love story. To make that dream a reality, lead with your foreign allure and start introducing her to things that she may not have even heard of if it wasn’t for you. In the end, that’s all a woman really wants.