How to Successfully Date Chinese Women

Any man who knows how to approach women can date Chinese women. What it comes down to is if he knows how to SUCCESSFULLY date them. They probably differ from the women you’re used to which means you must edit your style. Along with that, respect them and, even more importantly, take things slow. Let’s go over what you need to know.

Hold Her Hand

Hand holding says a lot when you’re dating a woman from China. Two people holding hands shows that they like each other and want to start a relationship. It is common for men and women to hold hands long before they enter an actual relationship so if you like her, go for the hand hold. If she shares your feelings, she will not pull away. Just don’t go for the interlacing fingers hand hold at first. Save that for when a commitment is established.

Get Her to Open Up

If you get a woman to open up, you will soon become the only man she thinks about. Generally, Chinese women prefer it when men do most of the talking since a woman who goes on about herself is not very humble. Although true, encouraging her to share more about herself will leave a lasting impression – especially if you made her feel at ease during the process.

Ask for Chinese Lessons

Although you may see this as an easy way to get her to spend more time with you, asking a woman you’re interested in to teach you Chinese will boost her fondness for you. Showing interest in her culture is sweet and helps her save face. Rather than telling her friends or parents that she is going on a date with a man (which stirs uncomfortable relationship talk) she is just giving someone "lessons”. This approach helps her while adding a little excitement since you’re keeping the romance private.
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Bring the Fun

After getting to know her, plan fun dates to keep her interested. Many fail to realize that behind the shyness and reservation of a Chinese woman lies someone who loves to let loose and have a good time. Work on making her laugh, keeping her engaged, and making every moment with you something to remember.

Never Rush Sex

Chinese women have reservations about sleeping with a man for good reason. To sleep with a man would mean she considers him her prospective husband. As everyone knows, deciding if you want to marry someone takes time. That being said, not all Chinese women share this belief. For this reason, have a discussion if the romance blooms so you know where she stands. Just treat the topic with caution to avoid making her uncomfortable. The last thing you want her to think is that you’re trying to pressure her into having sex.

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls

Be a Gentleman

You must work to never miss an opportunity to show off your manners. This means helping her out of the car, opening doors, pulling out her chair and standing if she leaves the table. Please note that she will give you a rather perplexed look at first but after you display some consistency, her appreciation will grow along with her affections.

Exaggerate Your Compliments

To successfully date Chinese women, work on how you give compliments. Chinese women are very humble and usually brush off compliments so you must be persistent and exaggerate when you give one. That is the only way she’ll accept it. As for what to compliment a Chinese woman on, that includes:
Her complexion – In Chinese culture, the fairer the complexion, the more beautiful.
Her legs – Chinese women tend to be petite and therefore dream of having long legs. If she wears a stunning pair of heels that elongate her legs, tell her.
Personality – You can’t go wrong with this one.

Avoid Jokes and Sarcasm

Both will go right over the head of a Chinese woman or she will misunderstand it. Even worse, you may end up insulting her which is not the way you want to go. Instead, focus on being very kind. We all have the habit of making jokes or sarcastic comments to combat nerves but you want to resist the urge in the presence of a Chinese girl.